No More Sneaking In Your Privacy With Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN

Worried about your personal information being stolen? Want to access some blocked content? Yes?

Then Astrill VPN is the right choice for you.

How the cycle of Astrill VPN Goes?

Quite Simple.

Request goes from your pc (gets encrypted with a very advanced military level encryption algorithm )à(before it goes)to the remote serverà and answer returns (encrypted response is immediately sent back to you after this)

With Astrill VPN, you are very well protected plus you get foreign IP, so your history is basically untraceable.

Even with Astrill VPN servers lying in a different country, the decrease is not more than 2-3% which is very good. Astrill VPN can work on PCs and laptops run on  different operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Mac OS X., Chrome OS and Linux. It can also work on smart phones and tablets that run on Android 2.0+ or iOS, Kindle Fire, Apple TV and Boxee.

Astrill VPN Protocols:

These are the protocol options for all of its users:

•    PPTP

•    Open Web

•    OpenVPN

•    SSTP

•    StealthVPN

•    RouterPro VPN

•    L2TP

•    Cisco IPSec

•    IKEv2

Overall Astrill VPN service is top notch and can meet the requirements of anyone and everyone.


VPN for Coorporate Offices!

vpnThere are a lot of benefits to working at a big corporation—generally good salary, lots of coworkers and opportunities for rising through the ranks, and good resume fodder for your next job.  But one of the things that really irritates me about the corporation I work at is their ridiculous internet usage policies.  For some reason, they have the rule that no employee can download anything non work-related at any time on the company wifi, even if they’re using their own personal computer.  This is immensely frustrating, because I’m also running a side business which requires me to frequently check my email and download files, and if I can’t access that at all during the business day, I lose a lot of my clientele.  And to be honest with you, I’ve been known to use BitTorrent every now and again, but if I ever did that at my job, I’d be fined or fired faster than you can say “NSA Surveillance.”

That’s why I started using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network read more over there.  These are essentially services that, for a relatively low monthly price, give you access to a virtual network in which you can browse the internet anonymously, torrent without fear of retribution, and avoid any sort of surveillance or interference.  This picture gives an idea of how VPNs work:

To be honest, I’m a bit of a privacy hack, so I was really enthused by the idea when one of my friends suggested it to me.  I’ve tried quite a few different VPN services, and so far, I’ve been pleased with all of them.  No more draconian internet usage policies for me—I can view and download what I want, when I want, and not worry about who might be watching or monitoring.  I would definitely encourage people to check out different VPN options.

Secure VPN

I find myself worrying about my financial and personal information more and more while surfing the Internet. You always hear about these stories of people losing their identities, coming across viruses, or having their financials stolen from them. You’d think you were safe in your own home, enjoying your time on the computer, but that’s not the case anymore like vpn bitcoin .

One of my co-workers heard about my fears one day on break, she told me about these services she had used in the past to protect her personal information from strangers across the Internet. She told me to look into a VPN service, that there are plenty of them out there to choose from, all it takes is a monthly subscription in most cases and you can safely access the Internet without fear. That is definitely something that caught my interest.

That night, I went home and decided to search up some of these VPN services for myself. I was surprised to find there are plenty of choices and more than enough reliable services to choose from.

There were reviews across numerous websites for each, which helped to pick out the best of the pack. I was looking for something with great features, incredible security, peace of mind, and a nice monthly cost, which wasn’t going to break the bank for me. I was not disappointed with my choice. I finally settled on a service called Private Internet Access, it offered everything I needed and more.


I’ve been using this VPN service for a few weeks now and have lost all fear of having my personal information stolen. The security offered at PIA is unmatched; it has me at ease and always searching the Internet in safety. I had to recommend it to another co-worker who happened to be in the same boat as I was not too long ago. Read / proxy & VPN 2015



Best VPN

Although it’s really embarrassing to admit, I am a social media junkie. You name it — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — I’m logging on to it everyday, multiple times a day, a statistic of the age I live in. I love my online life, but ever since a bunch of my brother’s passwords were stolen and a bunch of his accounts were hacked and spammed, I’ve been really paranoid that someone would do the same to me.

Hidemyass reviews

I started looking in to my options and the best I could come up with was keeping up a rotation of über-complicated passwords, but that was too exhausting. My brother told me about what he started doing with subscribing to a VPN and how it helped him. I didn’t know what in the world a VPN was, so I did some research and found it sounded much better and far easier to use than a password schedule and diary and if you want to know anything in detail then click here.

So, basically I found out that it’s a service provider that sends your computer signal through a different server to make it look like you’re logging in to your accounts from a foreign country. Apparently it can encrypt your signal and no one can steal your stuff. Once I heard this, I set out to find the best VPN I could. The one I ended up choosing was called HideMyAss.

Best VPN

With all of the extra security I’ve got with my VPN, I’ve been logging in to all my social media sites almost twice as much. I’m not afraid anymore that some creep will hack my Facebook and post dirty pictures or something when I’m using the public WiFi at Starbucks. I don’t have worry about censored usership on campus anymore either. For further information visit the link

HideMyAss really is the best VPN, a great bang for a buck. It is, no joke, the best technological investment I have made since I bought my new Macbook. If you’re a social media junkie like me or are just scared you might get hacked or whatever, go visit the HideMyAss site. They can truly make online life better and know more now about this. For any further information click here.